1. How do I sign up for a user account on Nekpolymart.com?


 Signing up for an account on Nekpolymart.com is easy and completely free! You can either go to the Sign up page and fill out your details. Once you have signed up, an email verification link will be sent to your email address.Open your email and click on the link contained in the email in order to Validate your account.


 2. How do I post an ad? 


Posting an ad on Nekpolymart.com is very easy and free! Simply click on the “SELL button or on ADD A NEW LISTING ” and follow the instructions. You must register on Nekpolymart.com for you to be able to post Ads.


 3. How do I edit or delete my ad? 


To delete or edit an ad, please login to your account and click on Menu then click on “My Listings” and locate the ads you want to delete or edit.


  4. How do I change my password?


 To change your password, please log in to your account, go to “Edit Profile” page and click on password to change your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the log-in page and click on the “Forgot password?” link and enter your email to get a reset link.  


5. What are the rules for posting on Nekpolymart.com ? 


We don’t allow ads that contain: 

an invalid phone number or email address,an unrealistic offer, offensive pictures, watermark pictures or ads with blurry pictures, text in the title or description that is not related to the advertised item or service, pictures that do not match or clearly show the advertised item or service, a non-specific item or service, the same content as another ad that was posted within the last 48 hours,Network marketing and pyramid scheme jobs,

Ads with links in the description.


6. How do I log in and log out of my account? 


To log in to your account, simply go to the Log in page and enter your username or email and password. To log out of your account, simply click the “Logout” option.   


7. How do I change my account details? 


To change the details on your account, log in to your account and go to your account then click on seller profile.  


 8. How does Nekpolymart.com make money?


 We offer paid features that help people promote their ads and give their business a larger presence on Nekpolymart.com. We also have online advertising on the site.



9. What should I do if an ad does not seem right?


Go to such ad and click on “Report this ad” (Please make sure you are logged in). Provide details of what is wrong with the ad, and click “Report Ad”.  


10. What is “Premium Ad”?


 Premium ad are paid listing in order to get quick sales.