‘Why progressives should win Ekiti’

The Ekiti state governor in his statement mentioned why progressives should win Ekiti election. Many people acknowledged the intellectuality of Ekiti State, but there is no evidence of proportionate development to match the level of intellect. I came to realize that one unique asset that Ekiti has which no government in the past had taken advantage of, is the intellectual gift of the people. We know that knowledge rules the world and if Ekiti has that knowledge why don’t we convert it to wealth creation. Why don’t we convert it to providing good governance? Having been out there, working in foreign lands, I saw development first hand. I saw what could happen when nations have visionary leaders. We have seen what good leadership had done for Lagos State, what vision had done for Lagos and we will like to see that happens in Ekiti State. One of my key inspirations is that the fate of Ekiti, being derided and deprived would have to change. Any measure of development in Ekiti will inspired the rest of Nigeria. People have come to expect too much from Ekiti which energizes me. We can transform Ekiti and show the rest of Nigeria what is possible. All the intellectual assets of Ekiti that are abound world over could be tapped into. We can rally them, provide the enabling environment for them to prosper and show the rest of Nigeria what is possible.

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