I am A Limited Edition: Beverly Osu

Despite being criticised for toeing the path of a lingerie model, Nollywood actress cum model, Beverly Osu, has continued to soar higher with her chosen profession.
Currently promoting a new set of lingerie which she has been posting on her social pages, the celebrity declared that she is a ‘rare fish’, being one of the few Nigerian models with daring motive.
“I am not special… I am just a limited edition, I’m Building a legacy outta hobby,”she wrote.
In an online interview on spicing up relationship, the model stated, that ladies should invest more on lingerie.
“Invest in lingerie! You can never go wrong in sexy lingerie. I honestly don’t think your man should know all the lingerie you own,” she said.
The controversial personality who represented Nigeria at the Big Brother Africa revealed that she exposes her body to inspire upcoming models.
Beverly says; “I got into modelling by being a lingerie model. Actually, I forced myself to be a lingerie model because I never liked being a runway model.”
She was also reported to have announced some months back that she will be releasing a photo book similar to Kim Kardashian’s ‘Selfish’.

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