Google’s First Camera isn’t an Evil all-seeing Eye Yet.

The very idea of the first camera from Google causes people to freak out.
The tiny Clips camera, which arrived in stores Tuesday, decides on its own what to record. Whenever it’s on, artificial intelligence inside is watching. “This doesn’t even *seem* innocent,” tweeted Elon Musk after Google announced Clips in October.
So in the interests of science and averting dystopia, I’ve been using a $250 Clips for the past two weeks. I turned its eye on a toddler playgroup. I wore it in the subway. I clipped it onto a feather toy at a cat cafe.
And I learned Google’s candid camera isn’t an evil all-seeing eye. In fact, it’s not even good enough to replace the need for your camera on your phone. But it tells us a lot about where technology is heading, for better and worse.
Clips is like a GoPro with a mind of its own. It’s the first camera that seeks to use AI to replace the main job of photographers: pressing the shutter button. It’s not hard to imagine the appeal to helicopter parents and anyone who spends too much time operating a smartphone camera. You set this thing near your baby (human, feline or canine) and it will sift through all the boring moments to record 7-second video bursts of some of the interesting ones. Many of us record far more than we ever edit, or even look at. To Google that looks like a problem AI might solve.

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