Akeredolu: Mimiko and I Won't be Separated by Politics

The Ondo State Governor, Ogbeni Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) in a report recently said that politics would not separate him and the ex-governor of Ondo state Olusegun Mimiko who left a debt of 220bn during his regime as the Governor of the state. he said it very easy to criticize because when he was the President of Nigeria Bar Association he will always have something to say about the Government on the radio but the story has changed when he became a Governor.

The last 365 days have shown me glaringly that if you take a leap, you will land safely. Despite the financial situation of the state, we have been doing our best. What has been propelling me and the hand that is moving me on is faith. All the projects we executed are not my handiwork; I am just a tool in the hand of the Almighty. In achieving this feat, I have to be optimistic and I don’t just look back. Records have shown that no administration has been able to achieve this much in its first year. Sometimes, my people in the cabinet accuse me of not being willing to do enough publicity so that people can know what we are doing. But I always insist that the people will know what we are doing for them without spending money on publicity. I don’t like to make noise about what we are doing. I was even surprised when we went round to supervise and commission (inaugurate) projects and I saw the number of projects that we have done.

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