The Two Main Types Of First Class Graduates

From extensive research, I discovered there are two broad categories of First Class students.

The thoroughly baked First Class: students in this category are thoroughbred. They've waded through the rigours of the academics masterfully.

They earned their First Class the right way- no use of 'orijo', giving of bribe, or compromising the system. They've undergone countless hours of personal research and study.
They attended institutions reputed for high standards.

They can also apply their knowledge to solve real human problems. All of these attributes put together, and more, have earned them a place at the top.

They can sit, dine and converse with graduates of similar discipline as theirs anywhere in the world.

The poorly baked First Class. No doubt, they are bright. However, many in this category got their First Class by any of the following: sheer luck, schooling in institutions with poor standards (many private universities are culpable here) undecided, use of 'orijo', giving of bribes, advanced cramming, garbage in garbage out and cheating the system.
Many students in this category have glaring moral failings.
They also will have difficulties defending their grade when called into question.
They are the reason why First Class degree has received a lot of bashing from poor students who often claim they can outperform First Class students in professional career responsibilities.

Thoroughbred students with second class upper are well ahead of these group of individuals when it comes to intellectual work.


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