Nigerian Young Billionaire Ray Hushpuppi: "I Buy Up The Mall And Leave With A Chauffeur!!"

Controversial Nigerian self acclaimed billionaire, Ray Hushpuppi don't seem bothered about what people think and say about him.

Recall that few weeks ago, he was enmeshed in multiple 'beefs' with Phyno, Ice Prince which Zoro Swagbag later 'bought over'

In fact, Zoro had threatened to attack Hushpuppi if he ever steps a foot in the South Eastern part of the country. And from what followed afterwards, like the cancellation of his scheduled pool party in Anambra and the urgency with which he traveled to Dubai, hmmm, well, we cant help but conclude that Zoro scared the hell outta him and...HE FLED to Dubai!!

And in Dubai, he bought and pocketed a mall! Not just that, he had a chauffeur as take away gift. Lol!!

"Buy up the mall n leave with a chauffeur!!"

Thanks to Dubai Mall N' Bhurj Kalifa! Right?

Hmmm, make Zoro catch you!

Check out the video below:

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