UNIMAID Security Guard Intercepts Suicide Bombers Twice. Photo

A two-time suicide bomb interceptor and survivor in the University of Maiduguri UNIMAID, has narrated his experience. The 24-year-old security guard, Joseph Joshua, who foiled the suicide attack that occurred in the University of Maiduguri yesterday - was among those who intercepted Boko Haram suicide bombers the last time they attempted to infiltrate the university premises two months ago.

He narrated to Yerwa Express that the three suicide bombers which struck yesterday -came in two batches.

The first was a little girl who walked unusually too fast. He said the aim was to mislead them so that when they 'go after her, the rest could sneak in and head to their target'.

'Considering the place and time, this was strange and so I lit my torch at her direction. I asked her to stop but she ignored it', he said, adding that, 'unknown to me, she was carrying a bomb'. 'I took to her direction when I discovered she was not alone. I overheard my colleague also talking to someone: ''who is that? Stop there'', I turned back to see who when a ground-shattering sound went off'.

'It was deafening that I can't tell where--whether it was close or far. It was an enduring sound all over the place. 'The two men, both wearing blue kaftan, detonated the explosive devices they were carrying at the spot, within seconds, killing them all including my colleague who tried to stop them'.

'By the time the first went off, the girl also detonated her own killing herself'. 'My luck was that I was not very close to her, otherwise I would have also been killed or injured'.

'My hearing has not been okay since the time because of the loud sound', Joseph added.

Source; http://www.nationalhelm.net/2017/05/meet-unimaid-security-guard-who-has.html

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