Owerri: Home Of Hotels, Shopping Malls And Club Houses (Photos)

I was amazed when I visited Owerri early this year. The city is so endowed with beautiful lady and girls....Wow,I don't know of any other Nigerian city that has such a number of beautiful ladies and girls. Every nook and cranny of Owerri is filled with beautiful ladies.....
Aside the beauty....the city is filled with hotels..Hotels standing side by side to each other..the whole city is lithered with hotels..the city has more than 600 magnificent hotels aside the smaller ones..
There are so many shopping malls in the city...
.Owerri mall housing the shoprite, Aladinma mall, House of jerdans, Everyday supermarket, Priceless, Douglass exclusive etc..
The city is also filled with club houses, Grill centers,Eateries and Resorts....Cubans resort, De exclusive etc
To my surprise, all these hotels and centres are filled up everyday most especially during weekends...People from portharcout, Onitsha, Aba, Asaba, yenagua, Uyo etc fills the city every weekend..

Malaysian boys, Overseas boys, business dooms, millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy politicians are not left out, as the Airport is always booming..

Below are some few random pics I took on my vacation

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