Nwando Kartia Onyeka: Blogger Who Made The List Of 100 Black Women In Canada

INTERVIEW: Canada Based Nigerian Blogger And Fashion Entrepreneur Nwando Kartia Onyeka Bares It All On Her Life and Style (Photos)

Fast rising Canada based Nigerian blogger and Fashion entrepreneur who has been making headlines in her field of endeavour with regards her passion to place her brand Katia Velino‎ above competitors and attract global recognition for excellent delivery. Nwando Kartia Onyeka a young giant in the fashion industry whose height is yet to be determined speaks with Toast Magazine exclusively on her journey into the fashion and social media world. In less than a year after venturing into this competitive industry, the soft spoken showbiz practitioner and event specialist was listed as One of 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada 2016 with a nomination as the Most enterprising youth personality in the 2017 Nigeria Entrepreneur Awards.
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ATTENTION Magazine: Take US into Your World, Let's Know All About You and Your Formative Years?

My name is Nwando Kartia Onyeka aka Katia Velino.
I am a fashion and style blogger and a fashion designer, a fashion and beauty consultant, a mother, and a caring nurse. I am the face of Katia Velino. I am Kartia Velino. ‎As far back as I can remember, I had always had a love and flare for fashion and style. Back in the day growing up as a teenager in school, I remember wearing my school uniforms always a little different from the other girls! I would hem my skirts a little shorter than the other girls and add a few ornamental beads for good measure. Of course my friends, you can imagine that there was always some price to pay on my part as the teachers were not particularly enamoured by such creativity!

ATTENTION Magazine: Amongst Other Things You Strived For You Had Always wanted To Be A Model, what was your inspiration?

Anyway, I had always wanted to be a model back then but because I never had the support or professional guidance that was required to transform this dream into reality. I was never able to do much about it and it remained just a dream for quite a long time, tucked away someplace in my heart, waiting to blossom.

ATTENTION Magazine: How Did You Get Into Fashion and blogging within this time as you have been spotted in High Profile fashion shows in Nigeria and Canada?

Looking forwards however, I honestly believe that this is the perfect time for me to showcase my love and flare for fashion and style with the perfect backdrop of the maturity and self-confidence that I now possess. My three boys are all grown: 21, 16, and 14; and I am at that point in my life where I can actually follow my dream. ‎A little over a year ago, I had a vision of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve and that was when I launched my blogging career. In less than a year after this I was selected ~One of 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada 2016~ by www.cibwe.ca in the categories of Best Fashion Blog and Best Style. I saw myself going places but I knew immediately that the way to achieve success was by ‘branding’ myself, my face and the Kartia Velino image. I tell my protégées that blogging is merely a gateway career into the big league. Branding takes your career to greater heights and creates something far greater than the world of blogging.

ATTENTION Magazine: Beside the Fashion and blogging enterprise which other brand is floated by Katia Velino?

Currently, I have Katies Body Spitz - a line of beauty and skincare products which I intend to take to new heights, and now I have stepped into the world of clothing production with my new line the Katia Velino Collection. This is such an exciting time in my career as I feel there are no limits to what I can achieve.

ATTENTION Magazine: You have been spotted on Big stages Co- hosting High Profile events or on fashion runway, does your passion capture that?

I am also a celebrity host and/or guest model at fashion events and I host live or televised events, fashion shows, pageants and fashion and beauty related events around the world. I correspond for magazines, newspapers, events and also feature in commercials as the ‘corporate face’ for companies, brand name products or for promoting the causes of various for profit and non-profit organizations.
‎ATTENTION Magazine: Where Lies Your Strength As Woman With Defining Abilities And How Do You Encourage Those Who see You As A role Model?

#Iameverywoman, and I love for my friends around the world to identify positively with this. What I do is personal empowerment, and motivating people to discover their inner worth by exploiting hidden potentials and the latent talents in every individual. It’s is often easy to think I can’t, barriers, ceiling and all such negative limitations. I promote positive energy and shattering the glass ceiling to reach for and grab the stars. If I can do it, so can you! I am very optimistic about what life has to offer, I go for the best in life. I believe in aspiring to inspire other women with the same zeal that I have.
If I can style it……if I can blog it……If I can write it…….I can make it happen!
I invite you to step into my world and enjoy my love and flare for fashion and style! It is already a beautiful ride and you are welcome to ‎this venture...follow her on social media: facebook: mystylebykartia / IG: mystylebykartia / online: www. Kartiavelino.com


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