Nigerians Like Showing Off On Social Media Because Of These 5 Reasons

Human beings love showing off. They show of their new accessories, luxuries they have acquired. This is the age of social media. They don’t need to carry it around, they only need to upload the photos of what they’ve got on social media.
But I have never seen citizens of any country show off what they’ve got on social media more than Nigerians. They show off almost everything they do, what they buy, how they buy, their next move and actions. Some practically live their lives on social media. But trust me, most of the things they show off are fakes. They live fake lives.

Here are five reasons why Nigerians show off so much on social media. Please note, this is my opinion.

To intimidate and oppress other people: Many of us Nigerians like to prove that we are better than other people. We show off on social media most times, using what we’ve got to intimidate other people, so they will feel oppressed. We Nigerians love been exulted more than other people.

For Acceptance: Some of us feel that in order for us to be accepted by the society or people, we need to prove our achievements, show that we are progression. So when they see that we are making it, they would accept and focus their attention on us.

Look let me tell you, you owe no man any explanation. You don’t need to prove yourself by showing off.

Pressure: I don’t need to blame people in this category as much. Your mates are doing well updating on the new houses, cars and accessories they’ve got. But you, you are yet to find your feet. You will be on pressure to achieve so you can also show of your achievements. So when you have any little achievements, you show it off. Till you get the bigger ones, na so you go dey show off.

To encourage other people: I love this reason so much. They genuinely tell their testimonies to encourage other people, motivate them to work hard. When we see other people who have done it, we are encouraged to do better.

Enemies/Haters: So of us have created their own enemies in their heads by themselves. I read some posts where some people will show off their new acquisition, they keep on mentioning “haters” all around. My dear, if you are really concentrating on your business, you won’t have time for haters. You don’t need to show off to give them highpertention.

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