Lecturer Brutalised By Soldiers For Answering A Phone Call At Check Point (pic)

Source: http://towncrieronline.net/2017/05/09/lecturer-brutalised-by-soldiers-for-answering-a-phone-call-at-check-point/

As shared by a Facebook user, Victor …

Maybe you are wondering if he is a bokoharam terrorist undergoing punishment. No my brother he is not. This is an innocent Father and husband who did nothing wrong but to answer just a phone call at army checkpoint. The lecturer as I later found out simply ask the soldiers who ask him to submit his handset and go just because he was seen answering call inside the vehicle to show him where its warned that no one should answer call here. He was tortured, strip and our vehicle was ordered to go leaving the victim behind….

My take…. Am not a security expert, maybe that is why i don’t know why there are army checkpoints at almost every kilometer in the south east area of this country? What is happening? Why are people of south east being subjected to military brutality of all sort. What is wrong In answering calls inside a moving vehicle. Have u been to Abia state recently to see how soldiers has suddenly turn to relationships Messiahs. Any little misunderstanding between two lovers, soldiers will storm in and beat the hell out of the guy. Of course we know how bags of rice of Igbos returning for Xmas were seized last year December and justice were not in sight.

Me and other concerned compatriots had in so many media platforms decried the unnecessary extortion of motorist from these same soldiers on checkpoints in south east. If there is anywhere that multiple checkpoint is needed in Nigeria it should be at the North where there is serious security challenges.

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