Lady Who Abandoned Her Fiance At The Altar In 2015 Finally Explains Why She Left

debate on twitter after opening up about why she abandoned her fiancé at the altar in November 2015, after all preparations had been made. According to her, she was pressurized by her family into accepting his marriage proposal and it all blew up in her face when she discovered she couldn’t stop crying on her wedding day.

She said she was 30 years old and her family members pressured her into saying yes when he proposed. She liked the guy but not enough to marry him and asked her family to give her time but they refused. Locking herself in the bathroom and eventually dividing the family as some supported her, while her own father was against it, Bunmi eventually informed her husband to be, through a phone call, that the marriage was cancelled while he was waiting for her at the altar. See more of her tweets and tell us what you think.

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