JAMB 2017: My Experience

his year Jamb is actually the worst ever experienced.

So, my guy came home today around 6.30am and lamented his experience.

His exam was scheduled for 1.30pm at High Tree College, Ipaja. He arrived the venue at 1 pm. He arrived there to find people who have been there since 7am. He was unruffled and joined the people waiting like sheeps without shepherd.

After assuring them that they will fix the issue around 4pm, They pushed them to another center due to bad service around 7pm. Some people left to come back later after waiting for long.

This guy had not eaten since morning and they were taken to another centre.

Officials told them that they new centre was not far, so they hit the road and arrived there around 10pm, that is 22:00 or more preferably 10 o'clock at night to write exam o.

They started exam around 10:30pm. He said maths was very easy so he saved it for the last and started with physics and chemistry.

The network was so bad and the time continued elapsing, it was bad mehn, he lamented.

To worsen the whole thing, they were asked to submit 45 minutes before their time elapsed. Everyone was forced to leave the hall. About 99% of them did guess work, he added.

Bad system, bad network, bad everything, he explained angered.

He said there was one girl whose exam was scheduled at 7am, that had not eaten. He said the girl was just rolling and gasping for air, that she almost Fainted.

If you wrote on Saturday, please share your experience.

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