Is Washing Your Girlfriend's Clothes An Act Of Love Or Foolishness

Is It A Bad Thing For A Guy To Be Washing His Girlfriend/Wife's Clothes?

Washing clothes for your wife or girlfriend, is usually seen by a lot of guys as a demeaning thing to do as a man...And any guy that does it is perceived to be either a weakling or a woman wrapper. Or obsessed with the girl he's rendering such service to.

But come oh, don't girls do the same thing (wash, clean and cook join) freely for their guys? So why can't men do the same for their girlfriends or wives? If washing her undies is disgusting or shameful to do, you can at least wash her blouse, skirts, shirts and trousers naa (Lol).
Men and their ego.. But I know there are guys who do it for their girls, but deny it publicly.

As for me...hmmm, I don't know oh!

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