Illuminati Symbols In Davido's 'IF' Music Video

Pls I just noticed this and I was wondering if anyone other person did. In Davido's IF song there are some prominent illuminati symbols I observed.
1. The scene where Davido is wearing a white coat with black stripes. Black and white patterns on carpets, walls etc in movie scenes and music videos have been linked as one of the symbol the represents illuminati's influence in the videos.

2. Red colour: Red is use as a form of distraction, temptation or seduction in movies scene. Like an attractive lady dressed in red is usually used to seduce the main character. This also is regarded as a form of illuminati symbol of temptation.

3. Finally the most prominent is the pyramid with the eye of Horus (the all seeing eye).

All these symbols featured in this scene (2:35) in Davido's music video IF.

Pls I will like your contribution to this

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