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Abia Facts Newspaper

Since after our report yesterday of the grand plan by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu to abandon PDP and cross carpet to APC, a move which is still on going, more revelation has come pointing to the fact that Hon. Engr. Chinedum Orji alias Ikuku is deeply regretting making Gov. Ikpeazu governor.

It is no longer news that Ikuku was the one that pressured his father Senator T.A Orji to accept the then Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as the gubernatorial candidate of PDP in 2014, but it seems the relationship has turned bitter/sweet and may finally explode soon.

Abia Facts Newspaper learnt that despite the face value smiles, deep down Ikuku is brawling and regretting his actions in 2014.

The deep down anger of Ikuku is not related to him alone, but also to his clique and aides who played vital roles in the emergence and acceptance of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu when he was pushing to be candidate of PDP in 2014.

Most if not all Ikuku’s aides have completely written off Gov. Ikpeazu and have taken to regrets and self-pity. One Ikuku’s aide who does want his name mentioned has this say;

“Just imagine, Ikpeazu that use to seat for hours at Ikuku’s gate house can no longer remember us that convinced Ikuku to adopt him in 2014. I convinced Ikuku to give him a Toyota Corolla when he was made ASEPA Deputy Chairman in Aba, I will always make sure he gets Hennessy SO whenever he visits Ikuku because he was a fine gentleman, but now he can no longer remember his root, it is a pity" he said.

The aide went on to say; “Ikpeazu does not even care about us again, we are his root. He does not even care if we have eaten or not, he does not care about those that made is emergence possible in the first place, is that not being wicked? He added.

“let me tell you my friend, Ikuku is not happy, he does not want to make it known or say it because of obvious reasons. The only reason he is still supporting Ikpeazu is because an attack on Ikpeazu is an attack on his family. He believes that if Ogah or Otti had taken over power they will come after his father and him, so it is better Ikpeazu remains at least for now, but he is not a happy man”

“Just imagine all our boys that played vital roles in media, working day and night which of them did you see in government house? Meanwhile this people worked hard for Ikpeazu’s emergence, but now they are not valued. Time will tell” he concluded.

Abia Facts Newspaper learnt that the most painful aspect to Ikuku is the grand plan to make sure him and his father do not return to the House of Assembly and Senate respectively in 2019. The evident of the plan can be seen online, most inner circle members of the governors group and close associates to the governor have consistently said online that the only vacant seat in Abia state come 2019 is Abia Central Senatorial seat occupied by Senator T. A Orji presently.

Will Ikuku and his father experience worst political treatment like Orji Uzor kalu experienced under T.A Orji? Time will tell.


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