Couple Welcome 1st Child 10yrs After Wedding After TB Joshua Prayed 4 Them(pics)


Ten years of barrenness as a result of low sperm count was something Mr Folajimi Dasho could not comprehend especially as this same problem had caused his first wife to bolt out of the marriage before he met and married his second wife. Having sought for solution medically to no avail, he was advised to go for adoption of a child or remain childless for life.
At a time, Mr Dasho thought it necessary to leave his country as a result of the shame the problem of unfruitfulness brought into his life. According to him, this move was necessary and he was the only one among the adults in his family who could not bear a child. However, this plan did not materialise due to persuasion from his mother in-law not to travel out but rather he should come to The SCOAN. Getting to The SCOAN, he was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua and was also given the Morning Water. Mr Dasho and his wife afterwards met as husband and wife and his wife got pregnant. It was a surprise to Mr Dasho who never believed he would ever father a child in his lifetime.

When it was time for his wife to deliver, he placed the Morning Sticker on his wife’s stomach and ministered the Morning Water to her. To the glory of God, his wife was able to deliver their baby safely without any operation.

Testifying alongside her husband, Mrs Dasho said that she is so happy that today she is mother and her husband a father. Hallelujah!


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