7 Places Christians Should Avoid Visiting

1. Nite clubs

The level of pride that goes on in a nite club is way too much to the extent that you might get punched for something as little as stepping on someone’s toes mistakenly, even after apologizing. It’s also a place where stupidity is exalted and showered with praises. Or what’s the rationale behind buying a very expensive bottle of champagne then using it to wash your hand or pouring it on the floor? That amount you spent on that bottle is exactly what many work every month just to earn. Christians should stay away from such influences.

2. Worldly music concerts

Apart from the foul lyrics in the songs played and the excessive use of hard drug in such concerts, something else goes on unnoticed- People are made to worship Satan. When Jay-Z tells fans at his concert to use their hands to make a sign, most don’t know that it is a sign of Satan. Akon does something similar too. This is tantamount to pledging allegiance to the power behind the sign. Just as people did the Nazi salute to Hitler, Christians in such concerts pledge allegiance to Satan by observing those signs.
3. Political rallies

You pledge allegiance to political parties when you attend their rallies and repeat their slogans. These parties don’t care about you, that’s why they’ve been failing you for years. Their goal is to amass wealth while they impoverish you. The only time they remember you is when they give you crumbs just to attend their rallies where you might get stampeded or shot by political thugs of rival parties.
4. Protests grounds

Protests can be peaceful while some can be bloody. The bloody ones most times end with shops and stores looted and people killed by riot policemen. The reason why I wouldn’t want Christians to join the peaceful ones is that we don’t always know the intention of the organizers. Some of them usually get paid to stage such, while some get paid to call it off thereby disappointing all those who thought the protest will lead to a good solution to their problems.

5. Pagan festivals

Pagan festivals are beginning to look well packaged and fun, unlike what they were known to be- bloody rituals. This is why some Christians think it is cool to partake in Eyo masquerade festival or in Halloween. We shouldn’t allow the fact that these festivals have been reformed to look cool. Their root is what should bother us and keep us away from partaking in such.

6. Prosperity preaching churches

These churches blindfold you and prevent you from preparing for the hard times Christians are about to face. Many Christians are getting persecuted in Iraq and the whole Middle East, but all they make you concerned about is how the New Year will be your year and how you will get undeserved favor from God. That is why people go to church because of what they want from God, not what they want to give in service to God. But if a church besides their gets bombed one Sunday, I can bet you that theirs will be empty the following Sunday. Why? Because they don’t want to die before receiving their undeserved prosperity from God.
7. Social media

I can’t say you should stay away from social media, but use it wisely. Satan desires every good thing which he aims to destroy, that is why there are so many fowl spirits on social media these days influencing people wrongly. Agents are currently using it to demonize marriage and even promote divorce which they make no big deal of by appearing blissful in pictures after the break up. Don’t be fooled; it is only the wearer of the shoes that know where it hurts. Don’t let the glamour you see make you feel sad about your status. Most of them are fake. Not using social media wisely is one of the reasons why some women hated their husband for not being able to buy them the things a Nollywood Actress’ husband bought her. Well, what a relief to discover that those things were actually bought by the lady herself and not her husband. Those celebs you follow, why do you follow them?

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.


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