5 Incredible Things Some Naija Girls Do On 1st Date. (pix)

Naija girls do the most when they are on their first date. At times, you begin to wonder if they have never eaten, seen money before or all is because of anxiety. Read and include your experience with naija babe .

1. They always over dress- Naija girls never carry last when it comes to dates. You see them bringing out clothes from wardrobe and changing more than 10 times before seeing the perfect fit. They love to dress to kill. Nothing bad in looking good, but take it easy on the combo. They ensure you notice them.

2. They come with 1-2 friends- Only the coded naija girls go on dates only. You see the rest ehn, they come with shade, chioma and everyone available. After the date, they ensure you get them take away and also buy for these escorts.

3. They are bothered about pictures- while having a meaningful convo with her on a date, she is interested in you snapping her, at times she pose like it was her that paid for the meal. She goes to strategic places at the meeting place to take pictures. All for the gram ladies. They snap the food, snap their shoes, purse, receipt of the food and probably pose with your ride. Mind you, they may not include you in the pix, except you are handsome or a celebrity.

4. They always want tfare- Going on a date with naija babe, you must be sure to have enough cash on you. Except she is just the reserved and not demanding type. You see some of these girls, they never have tfare back. They want you to give them money for cab even though it is BRT they will queue for.

5. They always come prepared- Naija girls always have all they need in their bags. From makeup purse to power bank, to atm incase you want to give them money. They are prepared to give you lies. They tell you how they are on their period. Naija girls will give you gist you didn't ask for just to engage you.

6. They give excuses- Naija babes will give you different excuses if they don't like you. They could call in sick on the date you fixed. They bribe you on where to meet. They give excuses just to have their way. Especially after you have spent on them, they tell you how they don't sleep out this and that.

I love naija girls always. over smart people. lol.
Note: some naija girls not all.

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