What Is The Value Of A Boyfriend That Is Stingy?

Love is important in a relationship, however, availability of finance makes the love wax stronger. A man should be able to buy gifts constantly for his girl friend, take her out on dates, send her cash once in a while, transfer airtime to her phone even when she does not ask, these acts keeps the love alive. Take it or leave it, women are moved by such acts, that's why you see a woman say a man is caring once he can meet her needs.

This thread isn't about broke men, when you are broke as a man, its not your fault, but try to share the little you have with your girl, if you don't you are stingy and a stingy man does not deserve a woman. He should go for prostitutes and call girls, leave decent girls alone.

Some mumu boys will call a girl who requires financial support a gold digger, that is wrong. The man is the giver in a relationship, while the woman is the receiver. guys, use your heads and start meeting up with your responsibilities.

For the ladies, its not wise spending on a guy, he will just finish your money and move on, don't be desperate.

A word is enough for the wise.

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