UNN Medicine Result Vs OAU Medicine Result

I want categorically condemn the person who said OAU medicine withdraw and fail many students like UNN.

Pls be informed properly that OAU Medicine released her result for First MBChB result which is sane as UNN 2nd MBBS result.

Compare and contrast.

Be informed that the OAU medicine Result is PASS WITH DISTINCTION, PASS,RESIT,REPEAT AND WITHDRAW based on the 50% pass in the Three Pre-Clinical course. Resit means a Student will write an exam of a single Pre-clinical course he failed and repeat is based on failing the two preclinical course and withdraw is failing three of the pre-clinical courses or repeating a class again and failing two out if three of the exams while UNN medicine is based on PASS,FAIL AND DISQUALIFIED on various Per-Clinical courses.

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