Teacher At Best Schools, Abuja Beats, Flogs, Slaps Female Student

Student Involved In Physical Confrontation With A Teacher At Best Schools, Abuja

Abuse in Best Schools International, Abuja, by
Francis, the Chief Academic Officer

A male eyewitness wrote:

"There was an altercation between a female minor and a man, Francis, which led to the physical assault of the girl. Not brutal but it happened. The man repeatedly punched and slapped this girl. She and her classmate were sitting on a table and he punished them for it, released her classmate who was a male and decided to flog her. After flogging her,he continued to use his fists and hands on her, until I got in between.

This happened at best schools international life camp, Abuja, yesterday, and instead of penalizing Francis,nothing is being done about it, rather the girl is being blamed. Incidences like this happen at this school but nothing is done or said about it.'

Watch video here

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