My Boyfriend Blocked Me On WhatsApp Because Of This

Advice Me Please,my Relationship Has Hit The Rock

Please I need your honest advice.....

I've been dating this man going to 2 years now and I don't know his house, well he's way older than I am and my problem is that...ok let me start.

On Wednesday last week, my twin sister and I told our mum we would be going somewhere but we wanted to spend time with the men in our lives.. So I packed my things and went to stay at my friends place, my sisters plans didn't work out as her bf hadn't arrived Lagos yet until next I didn't know..

I waited on Thursday my man didn't call, so on Friday he called me but didn't say anything about us meeting I was sad...on Saturday I made a video of my activities and my dance steps..I sent it to him...later he asked me where I was and I said my friends place, he bagan to ask me questions, where is the location, I should send him an address... I knew he was thinking I'm with a man but NO I wasn't..

My friend said I shouldn't give anyone her house address that if he wants to believe let him believe and if he doesn't then its his problem...he came to my house and met my sis and thought I lied to him because I had told him my sis wasn't around which I didn't know until I got home on Sunday...

Please what can I do as he doesn't want to pick my calls and even blocked me on WhatsApp

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