Ladies Please Save Us The Distraction In Church

I remember one day I went to a church and the sister in front of me wouldn't let me pray. I just picked up my Bible and left the church because most sisters were dressed that way.

I can't be in church and be high in the spirit knowing it wasn't of the Lord lol! No I can't. It's not because I'm corrupt. Ladies that dress to kill , I have this to tell you, you do not know how a man thinks, so don't act like you've been a man before, like you reincarnated to be a woman. You cannot think like men, you cannot think like a man and act like a woman. For me, it took me time but God solved that mathematics for me lol!

However, you cannot finish slaying a man in church and expect him to come and minister to you in spirit, mbanu, sister Kolewerk! If he wanted to get all that high, he could decide to visit a porn site or go to a club where everything goes.

I am no preacher but please some of you that dress to church like it's your last day to attend a night club, please stop it. It is not good. That is why some people go to church without understanding anything. See it happens in a man's head not your head. It is not about why he did not focus. At least reduce the distraction ni!

One cannot finish fighting temptations and winning outside and come inside the church a supposed place of refuge to be slain eh? Why nu? Lol...

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