How I Failed The Fidelity Bank Job Test

I got 41.25% in the test. So, why did I fail so woefully?

I was tensed ahead of the test on Wednesday morning April 5th 2017. I said to myself, "well, since I am here (at fidelity bank Enugu branch) before 7am, let me chill in a near by shop and wait till it is 8am. So I ordered for pure water and okpa to cool my head.

I immediately remembered that I need more of sugar since am suffering from high b.p and was feeling tired. I ordered for one bottle of Pepsi. The sales boy said "no 30cl Pepsi Sir, we have 50cl". I said "ok, give me the 50cl".

I drank the 50cl Pepsi and I was feeling ready for the test.

Fast forward, test period. I was feeling high! the questions weren't too hard, it wasn't too easy either. I was flying, but upon reaching the number 35 question, I died and rose back to life again.

Chai!! dere is god ooooo!! this piss wey dey worry me!! dere is god ooo!!

The piss that was worrying me got worst. The air condition wasn't helping matters. I was feeling my bladder almost about to explode.

"Ma'am please can I use the rest room?" I called the hr lady... who was looking at me as if my head was paining me. lol. "But your time is still going" she said, looking worried. A lovely lady, looking fresh and ripe like the mango am sipping as I narrate my woes. I replied "just two minutes, I will be done with the rest room". She said ok that I should go.

I was happy, feeling relieved. walking awkwardly as I am about to leave the test hall. "Come back here!" the hr lady called. "am sorry, it is either you complete your test and go or you quit the test. nobody is allowed to use the rest room when the test is still on". Damn! I was sad. There were thoughts about my actions running in my head. Was I right or wrong? did I do the right thing by speaking up? why did the hr lady decide to change her mind? All these and more as i head back to the hot seat.

What was she thinking sef!! I asked myself again. Was it that I might hack their computer database through the rest room or what? wtf. I hissed loudly. much to the attention of the other candidates seated around me.

I wrote the test with constant pressure. No atom of concentration as i scored below what I can do. After that, my friend said to me, "guy bone village people, they will never succeed. Lol! I have a real sense of belief that they are after my case. Lol. Anyways, tests are no true test of knowledge.

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