how do you manage your family When Your Wife Is Richer Than You

I just witnessed a scene where a woman is sent packing from her matrimonial home because she's allegedly "using her husband STAR"
A Star that couldn't buy him a Bicycle before the Marriage.cheesy

Even if she was using the Said Star isn't it just better for her to Continuegrin

Jokes Apart,

This is the Gist:
The couple both work in a Big company But the wife is more financially stable compare to the husband. she's currently building a house with her husband supervising the whole thing. she got a car of recent in her husband's name but the family and the Society won't have any of these.

Her kindness have been turn to wickedness and she's being sent packing in a humiliating manner. (They have a kid)

Now, my question is:

When you were using your own star you can't afford a bike.
When your wife bought you a new car,you and your family said she is spiritually using your star.

Isn't it a Low self esteem If your wife's income and financial status is affecting your confidence as a man

If you Make her life miserable and not make her happy just because she's richer than you, does that not mean you were never in love with her.

Love is peace,not competition. Whoever makes more money shouldn't
be a problem as long as we knows and respects each other as husband and wife.....

What's your Take on This

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