Guidelines On How To Know Ladies That Will Become Lazy And Dirty Housewives

It's often said that love is not enough to walk down the aisle with a lady because there are other basic things to be taken into consideration, and failure to do so causes a lot problems in marriage.

Though, every lady has her own flaws but there are some irritating attributes many ladies posses such as laziness and dirtiness which will cause more problems in marriage.

Now, let's observe the signs that a lady will become a lazy and dirty housewife

She ties wrapper everywhere

Listen up! Most young ladies who tie wrapper everywhere are liable to become lazy and dirty housewives. It's very shameful to see a young girl of about twenty years parading one street to another with wrapper without even seeing anything wrong with it. Most of these ladies are potential lazy housewives and every man should take a drift at the sight of such ladies.

Lack of enthusiasm towards domestic work

It's such a big turn off seeing some ladies forming Behind and they will pile up their dirty clothes and kitchen utensils for weeks and will cause global warming to the nation. These ladies are spoilt brat and will sit their ass down in their bedroom watching their mothers doing the cooking and washing alone. We don't need the likes of tosyne2much and lalasticlala to tell us that they are potential lazy housewives.

Mouth Odour

Many of us might have had encounter with ladies who don't take proper care of their body. They are more concerned about looking Behind than having personal hygiene. The stench of their mouth odour during love making will quickly revert your joystick back to its default state. These ones will definitely become lazy asses after marriage.

Her room is usually littered up

Some ladies are just so dirty that they only clean up their rooms when they know a man is coming around. Try to give them an impromptu visit and you should see their undies littered everywhere. The stench of their dirty undies will quickly drive you out of their rooms with immediate effect. They usually justify their laziness and dirtiness by saying are aren't house maids and can never help any man boyfriends wash his clothes or underwears

She over sleeps

Potential lazy house wives don't usually wake up early on the morning. It's either they wake up around 10am or 11am and when they wake up, the first thing they do is launch into their Facebook and Instagram and reply messages for about an hour before thinking of rising from the bed. They sleep with their legs wide open and their snore can be hard kilometres away.

She is a ardent fan of Soap Operas and Reality Shows

These are ladies that are BBA and BBNaija freaks. They don't equip themselves to help a man's dreams come true, but are usually concerned about how T. Boss and Bisola don't merit BBNaija. They wake up at midnight just to watch irrelevant TV shows since they are so sure that a rich man will surely come from nowhere to marry them no matter how unproductive they are.

She eats junks and barely cooks

Ibised to think it was a mere exaggeration that some ladies can't even cook noodles let alone jollof rice. They are fond of eating junks and will claim that they don't really like local foods. You see them parading eateries with men just to eat gala, sharwama, cake and soft drinks for months without stepping a foot in the kitchen. The moment you ask them when last they purchased food stuffs in market, you automatically become their enemy of progress.

She talks about her love for house maids

You are not yet married to them and they're already telling you how many maids they want when they get married. As ridiculous as it sounds, they even want their maids to watch their pants and bras, and if possible help them brush their teeth and bathe them. Most ladies like this will end up becoming lazy and dirty housewives and will only keep their men frustrated

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