For Single Guys Above 30 And Single Ladies Above 25

Do you know that once you are a guy above 30 and you are still very single without a fiancee or you are a lady above 25 and still not engaged then there is a higher probability that you may remain that way for another couple of years?

I know you may not agree to this but the truth is that the higher you get in age from that point on the more careful you want to be and that is where the real problem sets in...."TRYING TO BE CAREFUL"

The honest truth is that at this stage,you need to free your mind and think less of making any mistake and in fact you need to rid your mind of any panic and be other words,don't search because those who search usually make mistakes but those who just live their lives usually find that special person when and where they least expect.

So if you are a guy above 30 or a lady above 25 and single,let's discuss about business,romance and life in general.

Though this is not a dating or meet up thread but you are very free to make friends with anyone...

Remember that it is very difficult to come across this set of single guys and ladies out there as they are usually very busy,focused and mostly indoor so let's make good use of this platform to interact.

I know this is a faceless forum and i know some people below this age group will try to derail the thread but i will appreciate if such group will maintain a status quo and allow only single guys of 30 yrs and above as well as single ladies of 25yrs and above.

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