Finally Got A Job After Several Ordeal

It was just like a flash when I went for an interview unprepared since I knew it's going to be same story. I just got this call from a bank official who once posted a job opportunity for the post of a Loan officer but after going through the interview, the salary scale wasn't good enough so I had to let go after some weeks he called since he once had my number that there's a space for Business Manager at a fast food restaurant . Well, I went for the interview unprepared but surprisingly got a message of congratulations for securing the job as a field supervisor though the pay isn't that fat but I still thank God after the up and down finally I can go out there to work and come back home to rest expecting something at the end of the month rather than sleeping on the bed hopeless without a single return. God can do it for you too just believe. All thanks to Nairaland for the tireless efforts. I feel so relieved at least am no more jobless as a Second class upper graduate. Bless the Lord O my soul

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