Does Christianity Allow Sex Styles For Married Ones?

As Shared in Nairaland Religion Group:

Confused me watched a movie and the husband was questioning the woman where she got the idea of this sex styles. They are CHRISTIANS. I was confused and was like, does Christianity allow sex styles? Does the religion allow romantic approach to sex? This time for married ones.. ..
Should I ask then, does God allow it?

Some one Replied him in the Same Forum:

Imagine if Jesus was married, would he give his wife doggy?

No, Christianity only allows for holy sex. God will definitely send you to hell if you take your wife from behind or allow her to ride you from the top. Sex must be holy...the woman lies down, the man puts it in, pump till he comes and that's all. Remember nothing like 'ohhh don't stop, faster, please faster' from the woman. This will upset God and the next thing, u will find yourself in hell.

A word is enough for the wise.

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