Daddy Freeze: "I Never Impregnated Any Woman Inside Her Husband's House"

Daddy Freeze Angrily Dares His Accuser And Stalker To Show His Face (video)

There's still a lot brewing between popular OAP, Daddy Freeze and an anonymous user who goes by the name "Andela Smith" who accused daddy freeze of impregnating a lady in her father's house. Daddy Freeze released a video where he dared the person to show his face.

Daddy Freeze said on his instagram post:

"Andela, if you know you are not an inglorious bastard gay, from the pits of hell, show your face!

I hereby dare you, infront of the whole world, to release whatever evidence you claim to have against me you cowardly cretin!

Initially, I said I won't talk about this....However, I have changed my mind, and will now address the issue.

1: I never collected anyone's wife from them, so I demand that you stop with immediate effect, your unfettered attempt to traduce my image and supplant it with a fungating delineation of my person!

2: Contrary to your benighted claim, I never impregnated any woman inside her husbands house.

3: I hereby DENY all your unlettered allegations and challenge you to show your self, in order for me to assist you, in making acquaintance of your own unhinged idiocy.

How dare you post my son's picture, you blistering lunatic! Leave my children out of your buffoonery and FACE ME, YOU COWARD!

To all concerned, the #FreeTheSheeple movement is here to free humans from invisible chains holding us in bandage, as this enables wolves in sheep's clothing to make merchandise of us, while they oppress us. The first stop is religion, because in my own humble opinion, it is the single most corrupt institution in the world today, soon to follow are politics, local tradition and the judicial systems respectively. ~FRZ"


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