Couples Attending Different Churches: Word For You

Have you ever seen husband and wife attending different churches? I have. And it's the beginning of divorce. First of all couples need to realise that marriage is unity of the body. They have become one and none should divide them, not even a church membership.

The way and manner membership of divers churches is getting into the lives and marriages of several families in Nigeria and the world is alarming. Take for instance the marriage of one of the greatest preachers of our time pastor Chris of Christ Embassy, how his marriage hit the rock because of ignorance. He thought he was serving the living God and separated with his wife physically.

He sent her to the UK and he stayed in south Africa, traveling the world without her in the end you heard the pains of the woman. She felt she is not having enough of the husband attention and caring. She even accused him of adultery which personally I don't believe such ever happened. I repeat pastor Chris whom I know and have met several times would never even contemplate of such.

The point I am trying to make is, stop attending different churches husband and wife. If you are a pastor and you have branches, stay with your wife or husband in the same place. Hear the same message, pray the same prayer points and stay together. No man should divide them.

Just an advice oo. If you have any contrary view let me know.

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