Before You Jump On The Plane To Study Abroad, What You Should Know

1 contact the country embassey where the university is located. ask them relevant questions ? at times the embassey may request for an official letter for that purpose and a little amount of cash. pls do it .it worth it.

2 consult ministry of education in abuja . at times school may be accredited in her country but unfit for nigeria education standard. mary abacha uni in niger is a typical example. this might also cost you. do it. it is better

3 ensure the institution program is accredited by relevant authourity where the school is located. make the use of website to checj on agency responsible for validating schools programs. eg in the germany FIBAA is the only responsible agent to vaiidate business course.

lastly. make sure , you document are valid (i.e)waec ,passport and other traveling document are intact and free of fraud. this might be an obstacle for you to proceed into nysc after you complet your degree if there isa little suspect of fraud, ASK ME ANY QUESTION ABOUT STUDY ABROAD

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