Avuvu Ikeduru lGA In Imo State Gets Massive Sand Drilling Sites

Amala Avuvu ikeduru lga of Imo State which was previously carved out of the Mbaitolu/Ikeduru LGA with its head quarters located at iho (ihou) and

shares a common boundary with Azaraegbelu,Mbaise and owalla Ikeduru which is linked together by a bridge constructed by Imo State Government

sometime in march 2015.

Fungistz Crew was on ground for some sight seeing yesterday and we can tell you that there is a massive Sand Drilling of Sharp/white Sand and red

sand Going on Right now at Amala Avuvu ikeduru lga of Imo State. According to a truck driver who pleaded to remain anonymous; we've been operating

for almost a year now although it wasn't easy at first because of the challenges we faced from some community leaders,youths and some land owner

who claimed their land was trespassed but we thrived through. we believed that this project would be beneficial for everyone as it is a source of

revenue for the community,opportunity for land owners and investors. and today if you observe closely you ll notice that everybody is happy.

the challenges we are facing today is bad Road and pale loader to make Sand delivery faster to customer and the pale loader here sometimes fills upto

85 trucks before 4pm closing time everyday. there is upto 4 sand drilling site but few pale loader,so if business men from far and near are willing

to make pale loader available for business daily everybody will be happy because there is plenty customers to attend to,he said.

See photos from our sight seeing yesterday in Avuvu Ikeduru.

you can call this number for your Sharp/White and Red Sand booking or pale loader supply: 08121284592

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