(A must Read) Ladies: Avoiding Broke Guys Means You Are Also Broke!

I've been coming across a lot of threads these days that has to with ladies admonishing fellow ladies to desist from dating broke guys.This is absolutely ridiculous.Your parents are financially okay?Who told you your mum married your father as a rich man?She stood with him through trying times and now ,you as their daughter is reaping the fruits of her patience.
Below are the reasons why the theory "DON'T DATE BROKE GUYS" is totally wrong!

(1)You asked him to buy or get you something and he couldn't afford it and u decided to leave him for that?If you could afford it ,why didnt you get it in the first place?Though,a man is suppose to carry out some certain duties but dont heap your burden on him ,he is a boyfriend ,not your husband,go meet your parents,they gave birth to you and should be able to take responsibilities on you as long as you are not yet married.

(2)Struggle with him ,work hard and ensure to give him your support .When the story changes ,you are sure to be given the credit.You want an already made man?Then you should be happy hearing this statement from him"I WAS RICH BEFORE I MET YOU".

(3)Obviously,most guys (not all)dont ignore ladies that stood with them during their struggle to success.I hope you know that 2face wasn't rich when he started dating Annie,despite his flaws he still got married to her at the end of the day.Sanyeri(Afonja Olaniyi)a yoruba actor,got married to his girlfriend that was with him before he came into limelight.A very good example is Odunlade Adekola,some of you abuse him for having a ugly wife.Where were the bleach queen actresses when the wife was suffering with him?.Support him girl,you will get the credit soon.

(4) We have so many cases of broke guys who became rich and rich guys who became poor.That broke guy you embarassed today may have another story to tell tomorrow and that rich guy you followed may later dump you for the lady that stood with him during his stuggle.NOTE:Rich guys hardly appreciate a lady they met after their success.Some rich guys are out there without girlfriend ,not because they see no lady but because they doubt if there will be true love.Its believed that Rich guys hardly find true love which is truly embedded in that statement "DONT DATE BROKE GUYS"That means you dated the rich guy for the money not for love.

(5)Several ladies are single out there all in the name of searching for a rich dude.Work for your own money ,rich guys will flock around you,you wont have to search for one again.

(6)Many ladies are in the grave because they wanted a rich guy but unfortunately for them ,they fell victim of ritualist.Do you know how many ladies died because of Iphone4......now we have Iphone7.........Iphone10 will soon be knocking at the door in few years time.

Do you know Iphone8 will be launched soon?So please double your Olosho hustles,so that you can use the latest gadgets.Don't mind any guy that wanna fall in real love with you,they are all heartbreakers as love is dead,Jump like frog from one yahoo boy to another to a married man,and to a sugar daddy......They are the ones that can pay your bills.Don't mind any guy professing love to you ojare.Bleep LOVE!!!!This world is very sweet my sister enjoy and enjoy and enjoy and dont listen to anyone or take up any preaching from anyone.
But I have a good news for you my sister,When that guy you wasting your life with is ready to settle down,he will marry a very decent girl who has a good future ambition,properly trained,well cultured and mannered and he will use you as a testimony in the Church.By then you will be above 30years and your big boobs and ass would have sagged,wrinkled with heavy stretch marks all over and you will be looking extra-ordinarily older than your age because your beauty would have faded off,..Even MaryKay,BlackOpral,Sleek or classic will not stay well on your face again.A word is enough for d wise

Ladies ,be independent .With that you will earn guys respect.Stop being a GOLD DIGGER!


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