5 Reasons Why You Need To Run From A Nagging Wife/girlfriend?

1. Complains Non-Stop
girls/women who nag will always look for a reason to put your house on fire. They tend to complain about the things you didn't do,forgetting you have done some things before for them. In order to have peace, give them space

2.To avoid getting into a brawl
some 'naggers' rub insults on our face to push us to the limit. as if the problems in Nigeria is not enough for us to face. That's why some are forced to use their fist to silence them. Instead of being a helper,they make us a 'leper.' FLEE

3. They will force you to be a debtor
in order to avoid dehumanising words and confrontation that will make you go out of your way to borrow,run!!! Naggers can lie. They will say they need money for food[not eaten for days],they are in hospital and need money for treatment,say they borrow to eat[blah,blah] despite d allowance you give them

4. They can make you go crazy
things you hear when you are striking up a conversation with your wife is: 'your mates have GEN, u can't buy a car to make things easy,look at you! You can't pay your children's school fees etc.' if i get that kind wife,i no go sleep house to maintain my sanity.

5. They will rub your name in the mud amongst your friends
these 'evil angels' will 'rub oil on your white brocade.' without shame, they will tell your friends and family that you are not taking care of them. You paid the rent, buy bags of rice,beans & garri. they are not satisfied. Just maggi and soup they will use their money to buy,we will not rest. yet they preach equality [fake feminists]

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