4 Types Of Candidates You Will Find In WAEC Exam Hall

You’d find yourself laughing after you have finishing reading the article, i took time to stressed out the types of students you will find in an exam hall!

1. Expo Guys
Only the name will tell you what this set of people are up to, about 60% of the entire students in the exam hall belong to this group, these are the people that bring the expo to the hall, before distributing it!

2. Big Boys
I would have used the heading “Lazy Guys” but then this one fits them better, these set of people wait for the expo to fly from heaven and meet them without working it out, they are too lazy in the exam hall. 20% of Them out of 100%

3. Christian Guys
Lol!! The heading is funny self, you know what these guys are up to now, they are the ones that will solve the question with their brains. 5% of Them out of 100%

4. Expo Hustlers
This set of people normally don’t pay for expo neither do they sort out the supervisor, they are the “back-sides” waiting for any means to grab the nearest “runs”. 15% of Them out of 100%

Having said all these, which group do you belong to?

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